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Want Rich?

Crave Rich?

Dream Rich?

Think Rich?

Act Rich?

Grind Rich?

Get Rich?

Stay Rich?

Enjoy Rich?

Become Richer.

How Do You Define Your Rich?

Everyone wants to become some kind of rich, but very few think beyond the cliché dollars and cents requirements of the definition and even fewer will have the perseverance to achieve the vision of rich they created for themselves.

The reality one must face eventually regardless of outcomes is that real richness comes not from “the gram” highlights or a lotto type of payout, but rather from having a balance of riches in your life between passions, relationships, health, careers, and yes of course finances. That balance is what we simply call Rich & Rich.

About Rich & Rich

Rich & Rich was established in 2015 by Scott Richards as a way to more efficiently organize the many projects and passions he pursues in order to create his version of a balanced life.
Prior to 2015, Scott was one of the few marketing professionals whose talents spanned traditionally siloed worlds. He was trained in design but spent his free time coding. He had a corporate consultative 9-5 gig but hustled in the startup world. He loved building strategies for billion-dollar brands but also loved crafting artisan soap to sell at local community fairs. He loved exploring every possible opportunity and seeing what he could create with it.
From the outside looking in, all of this looked chaotic and disjointed. From the inside looking out the world never looked clearer. You could see where the tipping point was between these opposing worlds and how each side was required to balance the other out. 
That vision of balance and exploration is what became the foundation for Rich & Rich. To have a place where a person could explore the journey of dreaming, defining, grinding, and sustaining not just the financial vision of rich, but the larger requirements to have a rich life. To have a balanced life.

To that end, Rich & Rich is divided into 3 main areas of focus that span lifestyle, business and skill set evolution with many different types of experiences falling under each of those areas.

Rich And Rich And Company

Rich & Rich & Company

Rich & Rich & Co is a collection of experiences that tries to create unique perspectives around topics such as fashion, finance, food, family and fun with the goal of looking at the lifestyle of today and imagining where we want to go from here.

Rich And Rich Ventures

Rich & Rich Ventures

Rich & Rich Ventures is focused on helping small businesses and startups define who they are and where they want to go through active investment, consultative engagements or mentor arrangements. The goal is to help people and brands succeed at defining and executing their passions.

I Am Scott Richards

I am Scott Richards

By day, Scott Richards is an award winning consultant who has worked with well over 300 brands (over half of the Fortune 300 list including 6 out of the top 10), across almost every vertical, country, segment, target audience and channel creating a tremendous repository of knowledge that is hard to replicate.

By night, he translates that “9-to-5” knowledge into actionable insights that are available for others who are interested in advancing their careers and evolving their skillets.


Start now. Just start. Quotes.

Rich & Rich Part 2021 – The ComeBack

Sometimes the timing is never right and if you want to do something you just need to buck up and do it. Put on your noise-canceling headphones while CocoaMelon plays in the background for the umpteenth time today or putting the baby in a carrier so you can multitask playing an at-home version of Space Invaders with your keyboard and kid drool.

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